1688 Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM) 4K Platform

A comprehensive imaging ecosystem for multiple surgical specialties

Supportinginformed decisions

In the OR, you make life-changing decisions on a daily basis. That’s why we stepped up to make your life easier. With the 1688 AIM 4K Platform’s improved clarity, we’ve created a support system standardized for a variety of different surgical procedures.

Everyday limits

We took steps to understand the limits you face every day in general surgery, so we could continue supporting you with advanced innovation.

  • Risk of bile duct injuries during procedures

  • Inconsistent lighting throughout the entirety of a case

  • Cloudy visualization without considerations for interference

  • Erratic environment due to complexity of the OR

Better solutions for a better today

We confronted the problems you face by designing a standardized solution, customized to your unique specialty.

  • One System

    Improved visualization of biliary anatomy with 4K resolution and SPY fluorescence, all in one system(1)

  • See More

    Clear visualization with PneumoClear integrated smoke evacuation

  • Sustained Brilliance

    Bright AutoLight for consistent lighting throughout procedure

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