1688 Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM) 4K Platform

A comprehensive imaging ecosystem for multiple surgical specialties

Shine new lighton success

The 1688 AIM 4K Platform's brilliant white light display mode shows you exactly what you need to see, while voice-activated control lets you focus on what needs to be done.

Limitations you’re facing

We heard about the common problems you face in orthopedics every day. What limits affect your patient outcomes?

  • Poor lighting in posterior compartments

  • Inconsistent environment due to the complexity of the OR

  • Low image quality and more time needed for EMR images

  • Cloudy visualization with fluid management and resection

Experience new possibilities

We learned that you needed better clarity in orthopedics, so we designed a bold solution. Here’s how the 1688 AIM 4K Platform creates new opportunities for improved patient care.

  • Clarity

    Clear visualization with 4K resolution in camera and scope

  • Customization

    Customize OR setup preferences and data capture with Hub

  • Consistency

    Reduced hot spots with AutoLight as compared to previous Stryker generations

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