1688 Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM) 4K Platform

A comprehensive imaging ecosystem for multiple surgical specialties

Future-focused visualization

We believe in practical imagination. That means we don't just imagine the future—we build the future. With stunning visuals designed to increase lighting consistency during surgery, the 1688 AIM 4K Platform streamlines the innovation of the future into one intelligent system.

Limits of the past

Limits are part of life. But they're not here to hold us back. They're here to guide our next steps. In order to take those next steps into innovation, we listened to what you needed in urology.

  • Multiple camera systems for different procedures create logistical challenges

  • Unique anatomy causes inconsistencies in lighting

  • Inaccurate color reproduction

  • Difficulties seeing through murky fluid and stone dust

Build the future for today

We're always moving to pull the future of innovation into today. That’s why we've designed a new answer for each visualization problem you face in ureteral surgery.

  • Distinguish

    Improved color reproduction is designed to assist with distinguishing anatomical variances

  • Enhance

    Automatic light adjustment to maintain consistent lighting throughout procedure

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